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I’m Abiola, a multi-potentialite, your business growth partner and cheerleader and I am extremely glad you are here.

Now that you are here, allow me to serve you with the strategies, tools and skills I’ve mastered in my over 14 years work experience as a business development professional so that YOUR business & career can GROW.

I provide support, tools and guidance you require for your business (and career) to move to the next level, from creating your Business Plan to Branding, Marketing & building your first Website.

Abiola Olaleye

There are a few ways we can work together to achieve your business and career goals.

Strategies To Build, Brand & Grow Your Business
Abiola Olaleye
Abiola Olaleye
The Introverted Salesperson

What People Are Saying

Abiola comes highly recommended. She was a former colleague and she was in charge of the Sales and Marketing department of the Company. As a top-level manager, she was involved in business strategies and company-wide policy formulation. After I left to start my own company, I partnered with her for our digital marketing campaign which she delivered satisfactorily.
IELTS Testimonial
Adekanmbi Michael
Lagos, Nigeria
I met Abiola in 2015. Between then and now, she has helped to handle several design briefs for my startup business as well as managing the digital marketing campaign. She is a diligent manager & leader who knows her onions when it comes to business strategies, sales and marketing, web management and graphics design. She understands what it takes to build a business.
IELTS Testimonial
Olawunmi Femi
Lagos, Nigeria
"I started preparing for my IELTS exam pretty late, about 2 weeks to my exam. I was frantic and thought I was definitely going to fail. That was the point I approached 'madam B' (as I call her), my english tutor and proof-reader. She worked with me rigorously, gave me the materials I used in preparing, loads of assignments and feedbacks. Surprisingly, I got a good score"
IELTS Testimonials
Eniola Sanyaolu
Lagos, Nigeria


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