Who Is This Course For?

  • If your job function or business relies on you to be a little bit of a designer yet you have little knowledge of design and graphics
  • If you intend to become a fully fledged designer
  • If you are an employer with lean or no design budget or you have an employee you would like to train to handle your company / business’ design, 

Then, Be Your Own Graphic Designer (BYOGD) is for you.

What Is BYOGD?

BYOGD is the ultimate design course for non-designers. The course is mainly focussed on equipping you with the tools and knowledge you need to accomplish design tasks without breaking the bank and without years of design training.

We supply you with design foundation knowledge, tools, templates and teach you ALL you need to know to get started on your design journey. 

You will learn how to use design softwares so that you are able to apply your design skills to real projects. 

Where Can I Do The Course?

The program is entirely online and self paced, you can access it anywhere, be it at work, school or in the comfort of your home.

You will have 12months access and you may use the tools and templates we are going to provide you for commercial purposes. The course is however designed to be completed over 2 weeks but it can be completed in a much shorter period. This means that you can proceed at your own pace and you will always have the resources to fall back on and dip in to, wherever and whenever you want. 

What We Will Teach You

You will learn Design basics, Design Theory & Principles, Design thinking, Typography, Colour Theory, Design Briefs, Sourcing Content, etc.

You will be taught to use vital design softwares from the ground up, in a step by step manner.

Microsoft Word & Powerpoint Are Good, Canva is Great..

..But there is much more to design.

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint were not originally intended to be design tools while CANVA is the greatest technology tool available to individuals and business owners at this time BUT there is a limit to what these can achieve. Even the best designer would get average design results using these programs.

Good results need the right foundational knowledge and that is what we are providing in this program.

What You Will Learn

The Course consists of 3 Modules followed by a project, below is the course broken down:

  • An introduction to graphic design
  • Introduction to design thinking as design tool.
  • Design Basics -elements & principles
  • Design Ideas and Softwares
  • Introduction to Typography
  • Working with colours in design 
  • Logo & Logotype Design
  • How to create with Coreldraw & Photoshop from scratch
  • Using Tools and Menus.
  • Working with Images & Type- Bought and owned.
  • Using templates for quick design.
  • Resource guide


My name is Abiola and designing is one of my super powers.

I started designing purely by accident. About 6 years ago, I teamed up with a few of my colleagues at work to start an agro business and there rose an urgent need to have a business name and logo.

It was an interesting number of days but we achieved our aim and I came up with a logo, wholly designed online, that encapsulated what we stood for as a company. Seeing what I did, another colleague started a food business and commissioned me to come up with a logo and package design.

Soon afterwards, a family friend began a cleaning business…then a group of alumni required graphics for a celebration…on and on it went. Needless to say that I’ve not looked back since.

IELTS Training

All these I did without attending any design school but of course, there is a limit to what one can do without professional guidance. This prompted me to enrol in a top Brand Design Academy in 2017 for more knowledge.

You see, before then, I craved an online program and endlessly berated the Academy’s course registrar on why there was no program to cater for those unwilling or unable to drive down to the academy every weekend. I searched the whole of Lagos State at the time for any online design program, unfortunately, there was none so I ended up sometimes showing up in school with my children!

I resolved to solve this problem immediately I am done with my program but life happened.

But here we are.

So Dear Entrepreneur / Team Lead,

Would you like to be able to create stunning graphics for your business without retaining a graphics designer on your payroll?


Would you like to learn to do this from the comfort of your home?


Most frequent questions and answers

The program is delivered online, via video lessons and emails. 

It is designed to run for two weeks but you can decide to take it at your own pace. The lessons will be available for up to 1year or more.

Definitely. The Instructor will be available to answer your questions and provide support for up to 2 weeks after your program ends.

You only require a functional internet-enabled device with enough space for your design softwares, email address, time and lots of enthusiasm.

Due to the nature of the program (being a knowledge-based product / service), we do not offer refunds after gaining access to the program & instructor. 

No, the ONLY Certificate we are both after is your ability to churn out awesome, visually savvy designs at the end of this training.

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