Short Version:

I am a former senior manager in a top electrical engineering company who quit her 7-figure sales job to pursue a DREAM.

But there is much more..

I’m an introverted, multi-passionate Mom to two hyper-active boys who desperately want to change the world by becoming successful entrepreneurs before they are 15, wife to a brilliant guy and passionate about teaching everything (well, nearly) that has made my career a success and much more.

I have found joy particularly in teaching:

  1. Everyday entrepreneurs how to align their purposes, find winning business ideas, execute and brand for growth,
  2. Microsoft Office tools.
  3. Web & Graphic design / Management,
  4. Introverted sales-people how to crush their sales targets,
  5. Strategies to ace the (often dreaded) IELTS exam.

Here’s The Full Story…

I grew up in Akure, a quaint little place in South western Nigeria. Well, it’s not so little anymore. 

Money was mostly always in short supply tried as my parents did but my mom was a school teacher who was determined to not let our circumstances stand in the way of our success. All 7 kids of us.

She put in extra hours of teaching, lecturing, invigilating and marking external examination scripts in addition to a side business selling fashion items.

She it was, who taught me the value of industry & hard work. I, an ultra-sensitive kid in our never-enough circumstances, skipping home from school on well-worn paths in the afternoons where I saw affluence and people thriving on the strength of their convictions.

I felt that urge to change my story, our story and to thrive but I desperately needed to figure out how to.

In my young mind, it was either you find a way, create one or you die trying and I wasn’t going to settle for death.

Business Development Hub

Fast forward a few years after.

At 30 years old, I’d become a manager (an engineering professional) and was managing several high profile multi-million Naira business relationships for a reputable electrical engineering firm in Lagos State. I grew into the role and went through leading different teams, at a point, I led 2 key departments at the same time!

The next couple of years went by and I thought I had it all. A beautiful family,  seven figure annual salary, benefits, respect…but a lot of things just didn’t feel right; My job was feeding my bank balance, not my soul!

Restlessness set in and this led me to launch a fashion business and because I am a service-oriented person, I started writing & designing until I eventually got sick of the daily grind and finally decided to seek MORE.

I always knew there was so much more to do. And to give. 

Abiola Olaleye' story

The Turning Point.

Occurred when I least expected or planned. I was suddenly faced with the reality that life is simply too short to be complacent, unfulfilled and hanging around ‘just enough’.

Years before then, I had lost my mum on my birthday & struggled to heal; years later, I also tragically lost my sister-in-law.

These incidences and a host of others initiated several uncomfortable dialogues within me and tried as I did to suppress them, they kept gnawing away at my insides.


I held on being a comfortable ‘Intrapreneur’, contributing to a dream I identified with, using the tools I had come to master so well.

Somewhere down the line, I ‘accidentally’ found myself managing websites (starting with my blog-site), supporting startup businesses with design solutions & strategies, copywriting for an organisation, speech-writing for individuals, helping candidates prepare for the often-dreaded IELTS examination all while being a wife and mum.

I sure had a lot going on!

In the midst of everything, I also managed to obtain an MBA and sometimes afterwards, brilliantly passed the IELTS exam at the first sitting.

All of the things I did were done entirely to bring myself joy and I never really thought of  diving in completely.

Well, until I found my purpose & realised I could give MORE by showing people how to achieve some of these things I’d done so well.

You’re probably nodding your head right now because you can relate with one or two of the above scenarios. I hope you are.

If you’d like to know more on how I can work with you in any of the following areas:

  1. Finding your purpose and turning it into a profitable venture.
  2. Building, branding and growing your business.
  3. Advancing your career by moving from (near)zero to proficiency levels in Microsoft Excel.
  4. Effective Business Writing (Emails, Proposals, etc)
  5. Designing, building and managing your website.
  6. Creating your graphics.
  7. Writing and passing your IELTS examination, etc

Don’t overthink it, click the link below. A lot of people- destinies are hinged on your decision, waiting for you on the other side of uncertainty.

Abiola Olaleye' story

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