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5 marketing strategies

For every intentional business person, a set of carefully selected marketing strategies are the best tools that can be used for gaining awareness, establishing authority and making sales on the world wide web.

There are a thousand marketing strategies out there so much that it usually becomes confusing for a newbie or even for ‘old hands’ wishing to scale up their businesses.

Regardless, marketing is fascinating if the right strategies are deployed early on in the business.

From my early days as a foot-soldier, I had always known there was a better way to keep up with prospects and customers other than showing up at their doorsteps, every single time.

Now, nothing beats turning up to see your prospects and customers, discussing one on one while measuring every shift in their body language.

It helps, it really does but you do not necessarily have to this before clinching every sale.

Today, there are different ways or marketing strategies to do that and the best part is that most of them are FREE.

Well, except for your your data investment, mostly and the occasional ads. (Not so free anymore, right?)

Seriously speaking, the best marketing strategies out there are (almost) free and they won’t hurt your budget significantly.

Keep in mind though that the best business development toolbox is always a combination of the traditional and new best digital practises which includes:

  • A strong brand that tells people what you do, why you do it as well as what you stand for (your values).
  • ¬†Engaging social media pages, think: blog, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter pages which showcases your mission, vision, value, products, services etc.


  1. Phone calls, Emailing & Short Messaging. I especially love these strategies when physical visits are impractical or when they are becoming too numerous and you’d love to ease up on the constant showing up like someone with little else to do. This is not to suggest however that if you require to physically turn up to sign a contract, you should insist on doing that on phone or email! I trust you understand my drift. A quick weekly call or message or email would go a long way in entrenching yourself in the heart of your target audience. We’ll discuss later on how to be subtle in approaching this.
  2. Facebook. If you are yet to have a facebook page for your business, I really do not know what you’re waiting for because you just might be the only one not taking advantage of the wide community on the large platform. Facebook with the different groups available might just be the best place to start and grow your business today. Commit to growing your business page and activity on facebook and watch how things pan out.
  3. Twitter. This micro-blogging platform has proven to be a real time, all-powerful, go to and fun news and information source in short form messages.  Study and follow people in your industry or expertise, know how they interact and tactically jump on their timelines with your messages.
  4. LinkedIn. This is arguably the most influential and fastest growing professional platform where you can put contents out, connect and meet with other professionals about work, jobs, careers, branding. Get your business more recognition by creating a great professional profile today.
  5. YouTube. Video content is still the king when it comes to media marketing. There is a lot you can communicate in a 60seconds video. Considering the short attention span of your target audience, they are most likely in favour of watching a 2minutes video than reading a long line of text posts. Come to think of it, they also have the same 24hrs you have in a day and these have to be shared between the things that matter to them and the social media. In your video, you can get personal, tell your story, showcase your latest products. You can be as casual or formal or witty as you want, depending on your brand voice.



Oh how I love instagram and the evolution that occurred over the last few months. What began as a platform for showcasing awesome vacation pictures has now become a mighty tool for building businesses.

I’m going to do whole post on this strategy soon.

So there, you have it.

Which of these have you tried lately?


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